All the Rules (WIP)

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All the Rules (WIP)

Post by Orion on Tue Aug 18, 2015 4:28 pm

General Rules

1. Foul language must be kept to a bare minimum. Any strong words need to be censored properly. This is important considering swear words are offensive to some people, and you need to treat them with just as much respect as you'd expect out of them.

2. Chat room needs to be treated the same way you'd speak to the person IN person. No sexualizing anybody or bullying. Bullying is a big no-no so don't do it. It's also illegal so no. Same as above, treat them with just as much respect as you'd expect out of them.

3. No text chat. The site as a whole expects you to type as if you were typing a paper. The only exceptions are minimal use in the chatbox. For example "Wow the admin smells really bad lol." T4png lyke this all th tyme is rly ann04ing.

4. Respect the staff as they are your one way ticket to being banned if you don't. This goes for other members too. You get three strikes. First strike is a warning. Second strike is suspension, and third strike is banishment. Staff are subject to this as well.

Roleplay Rules

1. Swearing rules still apply. While some characters may use swear words a lot, you still need to censor it or keep it at that character's bare minimum. No f bomb wombo combos. That goes for everybody. -We only put that code on the bottom of the page to see if anybody is a lowlife cheater. This is the real code you need to put at the bottom of your app: "Cola and meal please. No bread."-

2. Sexual content in a rp needs to be taken to a PM if it gets extremely detailed. You have the option of either fading to black or put a warning in the title of the rp. The warning labels are in the rule below this one.

3. Warning labels: S= Sexual Content, V= Violence, L= Language

4. T= PG-13 content, M= Mature Content

5. Turn-based roleplaying is a must and is required in all roleplays unless it's a special circumstance. This keeps things organized if it's more than two people roleplaying.

Ex. Person 1, Person 2, Person 1, Person 3 (Jumps in with permission from thread host), Person 2, Person 1, Person 2, Person 3, etc.

6. No meta gaming or godmodding. These are both annoying and obnoxious. If a person is dodging your every move, take it to an admin and have them resolve the situation. Just shoot them a PM. However, you do have the choice of explaining to the person you're roleplaying with that they need to respond more fairly.

Wrong way: "Stinky admin fires cat cannon at other stinky admin and blows his arm off."
Right way: "Stinky admin fires cat cannon at other stinky admin in hopes of hitting him and hurting him. If it hit him, the fired cat would scratch his arm off."

7. For us to know you've read the rules, put "Houston, we have a problem" at the bottom of your character and vehicle application.


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