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Battle Classes

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"Uh oh..." That's probably the only thing to say when you know you're going up against a hound. Extremely dangerous. All classes are dangerous, but only a few are as lethal as a hound. Hounds are known for their superb senses and agility. The armor hounds wear enhance all five of their senses dramatically. Allowing them to track, detect, and provide somewhat of a sensory barrier for their team. It can't turn invisible, but it can camouflage itself to whatever it's close to. Problem is, Hound's armor are extremely light, with little to no barrier. They really just can't take a hit. But it works out ok because they use their supreme agility to move amazingly quick, allowing them to get out of the way of what they can sense coming for the most part. Their armor is always fit to their body, and have some type of animal like design to it. Whether it be a helmet with fox ears, or simply some type of fur. But %90 of them have claws... Serrated claws. Gun wise, the hounds carry few. Two at the absolute most. It's usually a high powered machine gun, or a powerful pistol. Nothing long range either. Hounds are often sent with small teams. No more than 10. You rarely see one in a large group, unless there are special circumstances. They're often seen assassinating and intruding as well... Well... Not 'often seen', cause they are rarely seen. But they often assassinate and intrude. When dealing with a hound, watch out. Cause they're lethal.

Bad arse. Hella bad arse. Mechanics usually have to do little to no work at all to take someone down. They rely on their creations... Mechanics have trained and studied hard to make bots and drones however they choose. And not only robots, but different type of ammunition, traps, equipment. They're extremely handy at all times. Best thing about mechanics is that they can really make whatever they want, so it just depends on the person. Other than their bots, 'Chanics rely on mid range, moderately powerful guns. They don't really need anything other than that. Their armor is also pretty decent. Not too strong but not weak either.

Powerful class. Often hated for their sophistication which they pride so much. They carry no guns whatsoever. They're armor is very powerful, allowing them to take hits of all kinds. Not at strong as a Reaver, but still incredible. They're only offensive weapons are swords. Particularly rapier swords. They are extremely powerful, usually having some type of special property. Often times, the swords can shift into certain elements, becoming a fire whip, or shooting water bullets of some sort. They have amazing hand to hand fighting as well. Probably as good as a Slip, but not as lethal as a Hound.

Extremely deadly long range class. Highly feared too. They carry power long range weapons, capable tearing through the strongest of armors. They usually sit back, far away from the battle field, and pick people off without a problem. They provide cover for their team, as well as a sense of being protected. Their armor isn't too great or too bad, it's just in the middle. They carry a massive rifle for close range, and a pistol or two for close range. They usually carry s few smoke bombs on them two. They are usually very smart and perceptive, never falling for cheap tricks. They have armor and visors that allow them to detect both Slips and Hounds. They're armor can cloak as well, but it isn't detectable in the least.

Like the Hounds, an extremely dangerous class. They are known to be completely and utterly insane and risky. But still, extremely difficult to deal with. They carry pistols, but not normal pistols. These pistol's barely are rather large. Maybe the size of a plum. They shoot out fireworks. These fireworks are more dangerous than most. Each shard of light sets whatever it touches on fire. This fire even chips away at the health of barriers. The gun doesn't shoot a very long range. Could be considered close to mid range, but still extremely lethal. Kamikazes have extremely light armor. Little to none. There is absolutely no reasoning for that, besides them being extremely risky stuntmen. Overall, they can be considered easy to kill, but if they shoot you first, it's over. They often are seen wearing samurai masks or samurai armor. They are fairly challenging with swords and blades.

Like the kamikaze are cousin to the bombers, hounds cousin to slips, the wreckers are cousin to the reaver class. They are heavy. Heavy armor, just as strong as reavers. They are a frontline troop, carrying heave melee weapons. Hammers, cleavers, gauntlets, maces... Anything big and heavy, they've got it. Aside from that, they carry heave close range guns. Shotguns and such. Overall, a very useful and helpful task.

Another extremely dangerous class... Anyone can pilot a ship, but a wasp does it best. They can maneuver a ship like no other person could. It's almost magical. They are considered extreme geniuses. They are often at the head of a strategy table, barking out orders. Wasps almost always lead a platoon or team of some sort... Their weaponry consists of two things: A simple pistol, and an extremely powerful, mid range machine gun. Imagine a low class sniper, that can rapid fire. That's what their machine guns are like. Their armor is very strong. Not like a wrecker or reaver, but above the fold. Overall, dangerous, tactical, not to be messed with.

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